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This is our story: 
I remember it well. It was back in the late 1990’s. A lot of people in my family, including me, were suffering from acne. Every product we tried worked for a while but then stopped. I decided someone was missing something about acne. We noticed that the more ‘new’ acne products came on the market the worse acne seemed to get. Acne wasn’t going away at 18 like it used to. Some adults were dealing with it their whole lives. Not true 40 years ago. What happened?

We had some ideas and did a lot of testing. I hired chemists and scientists who promised to look at this whole issue a bit differently. I wanted to know why so many adults had acne today. We didn’t want to copy any other products. A really unique product that was affordable was our goal. After a year of research, we started selling Clear & Smooth in October of 1999.

To get people to try an unknown product, we did something no one had ever done with skin care products. A NO TIME LIMIT GUARANTEE. We were that confident we had something special. Plus we didn’t want people rushing into this.

We decided to open things up and really communicate with our customers. When we failed we admitted it and tried to improve. Our customers helped us find the right combination of ingredients and methods of use. We now consider our customers suggestions and ideas a valuable resource. We keep improving the product. Even though we have a no time limit guarantee, our refund rate runs around 1%.

Most tell us our products are life changing. Yet very affordable. People ask me all the time, aren’t you worried some big company will steal your formula? Nope! The big boys have all bought bottles to test. But they don’t get it. What we do cannot be duplicated in a big factory. Let me better explain.

The skin care industry today is a mess. 
If you study their ingredients, pretty much all these products they are selling is the same thing. The real costs you are paying for is not the product but the advertising. And the middle men.

Every skin product produced today is made to have a pretty package and a long shelf life. Even so called all natural ones. A few large factories make all the products today for all the name brands. The ingredients are delivered in railroad tanker cars and are mostly chemicals whose real ingredients are secret. This is why you cannot pronounce most of the ingredients. They paid off politicians to put this loophole in the law.

These big companies make millions of bottles at a time. And then store them for years until sold. It’s highly profitable to do it this way. But these long shelf lives, heavy use of acids and the strong preservatives they have to use, means they can’t use the best ingredients to get your skin healthy.

We decided to think small. Fresh products with personal service. No big retails chains to tell us what to make. If the customers like it they will come back and tell their friends.

We use many of the finest natural raw or virgin ingredients.

To put your mind at rest, everything is hand made in fairly small batches(under a thousand bottles at a time). All stainless steel equipment. High tech measurements are used to combined ingredients at specific temperatures precisely at certain intervals. Temperatures range from boiling to below freezing. One mis-step and everything has to be tossed. Making great skin care products is almost a lost art.

When Jennifer started her acne was severe. A month after she started, I asked her how it was going. Here is her response.

It’s going great! I was opptomistic before I even started that Carley’s would work for my face… And it did! My face is totally clear. But I was VERY surprised and pleased at the results I’ve had with my back acne. NOTHING has ever put a dent in it until now! Not only has it improved my severe back acne, but it’s about 80% GONE! And it continues to improve every day.
– Jennifer

We make and ship everything fresh. With a one year shelf life. Most of our new business comes by word of mouth.

I want to take this minute to express how wonderful your product is. My daughters are very acne prone. We’ve tried various products, including PROACTIVE, which only made their acne worse. Since we found your product, we swear by your product, so we have sent a treatment to a niece in Mexico. Her acne was so bad, that she started falling into a depression & isolating herself from her friends. Upon hearing this, we ordered your product for her to try. She couldn’t be happier now. She acne greatly improved & is social again with her friends. SHE’S SO GRATEFUL FOR YOUR PRODUCT!!!! Thank you again.
– Juan

Three people in my home use it. My daughter, 37, my grandson 16, and me, 61. Its the only thing we have tried in years of using products, that has helped. Now my 8 year old granddaughter wants to use it because it makes her skin feel smooth so she says. since she has no acne, i wont waste a drop on her, we need it.
– Bonnie


So why is our product so special?

We discovered that the problem with other acne products wasn’t the bacterial control as much as the fillers. And how the products are used. In fact, we believe what you are using, in the long run, is making your own skin worse. How else can it be explained why so many adults have acne today? 40 years ago you never saw adults with acne. The key is getting your skin to a healthier place. Instead of fillers, we use nutritious botanicals. Along with bacterial control, these are nutrients your skin needs to get back to a healthy state.

– Thank you and I just love your products, I have been using them for about 5 yrs and cannot go without them! Thanks for the confidence that comes with a clear face, and back!


How is this possible at this price?

It wouldn’t be possible except, we manufacture Clear & Smooth and we market it and we ship it and handle ALL your questions(by email). And we know once we get you clear you will continue to reorder and also sample our other skin care products including make up. Of course you can just buy one bottle every 3 or 4 months, that’s up to you. We don’t keep your credit card on file and we don’t have the time to bug you to reorder.

And here’s the funny part: Our ingredients actually cost more than that $69 product’s ingredients.

Thank you so much for making your wonderful products! I just ordered more and I can finally say I feel comfortable in my skin. I never wore much makeup, but i never felt good unless I had it on to cover everything. Thank you for making me feel so good about myself! Thank you so much!


So what we learned from solving acne was that this skill set also translated into superior products for skin care. Natural soaps, moisturizers, Masks and many other products. All driven by customer suggestions and feedback.