Shampoo Bar for Soft Water (2 Bars)

Shampoo Bar for Soft Water (2 Bars)

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Carley’s Abyssinian Shampoo Bar (2 bars)

For Soft Water

This is a note from one of our customers who requested we make this shampoo bar
I used the bar tonight it was awesome! Lathered well and made my hair very soft and shiny ✨ will probably be my new routine:). Definitely a good mix. I will keep you updated after a few washes. Thanks again for being the wonderful company you are and listening to your customers, mainly me lol. Have a good night and day tomorrow!! Michelle
I asked her how it compared to the other shampoo bar she was using.
Yes it’s much bigger and didn’t require that much to lather up. This morning my hair feels even softer than last night. Kind of slippery! Will keep dry, as not to waste it down the drain. Good day Michelle

another note:
I love how soft it made my hair. Also no more itchy scalp. 2 extremely amazing things to happen. Pauline

There are 2 Unique oils in these shampoo bars that make them special.

Abyssinian oil and Black Castor Oil. More about them below.

Ingredients are saponified:

Coconut oil; 76 degrees coconut oil is essential to this soap. As it adds the lather we all need to feel clean. Yet it is drying.

Black Jamaican Castor Oil is cold-pressed extracted from the roasted seeds of the Ricinus communis plant. Due to the seeds being roasted prior to extraction, the oil carries a dark burnt orange to reddish-brown appearance and carries a nutty aroma unlike a standard Castor Oil extracted from unroasted seeds. The roasting of the seeds raises the pH level of Organic Black Castor Oil which results in a preferred ingredient in various hair and cosmetic formulations. Organic Castor oil has long been sought after throughout the cosmetic industry due to its natural moisturizing and emollient properties and beneficial results when used in a wide array of topical personal-care products.

Reverse Osmosis purified water. The first time we made a batch of natural from this water instead of just purified, I was astounded at how creamy it was as it poured. It is one of our secrets to spectacular soap. It is the gold standard when making soap or just about any skin care product. Most big companies don’t use it due to cost.

Soybean Oil:

Abyssinian Oil. If you search this oil for hair you will be amazed and the number of links. It is renown for improving the strength of the hair strands. It's extracted from the seeds of the Ethiopian-native Brassica Abyssinica plant, to be exact. So, what exactly makes Abyssinian oil so special? Abyssinian oil is loaded with omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, as well as vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, and E.

TYPE OF INGREDIENT: Hydrator, strengthener, and may also be an anti-fungal1
MAIN BENEFITS: Protects hair from heat and pollution while also decreasing frizz and adding shine and moisture.
WHO SHOULD USE IT: Anyone looking to add some hydration and shine to their hair while reducing frizz and flyaways. Those who have fine hair should use sparingly.
May help hair growth: The fatty-acid profile of Abyssinian oil allows it to condition split ends, soften hair, and boost shine. The plethora of minerals, including the Omega-3 fatty acids, may help promote healthy hair growth, however more studies are needed to verify this.

Tussah Silk: We use silk to add silkiness to the hair. We were reluctant to add silk to our soaps since it doesn’t have a good reputation for animals. Most silk is not what you would call animal friendly. In fact, with most silk, the silkworms die after making the silk. With this particular silk (Tussah) they do not kill the worms.

These bars are between 4 and 5 ounces in weight.

No time limit guarantee.

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5 of 5 Leaves my hair cleaner than anything else. May 4, 2023
Reviewer: Marla P from Arkansas, United States  
I first used the Hard water bars, not sure which one to get and I loved it! After 4 months it was finally gone and I got my second bar out (you get 2 bars). When my second bar went missing (it is a mystery where it got off to), I had to order some more!  I got the soft water bars since we do have a water treatment system now and it really lathers.  I have just past shoulder length, fine, straight, past 50 hair and this stuff really gets my hair clean.  I wet my hair, then run the bar over the top once, then turn it over a couple of times in my hands before rubbing my now soapy hands underneath my hair and it really lathers well.  It is very bouncy and not heavy at all! I use the Argon conditioner, but I think I will try it without a conditioner.  I will always have some on hand from now on!  It took me a long time to try it, but I will never be without it again.  My hair is fuller and bouncier than ever before!

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4 of 5 New for me May 11, 2022
Reviewer: Deb StCyr from BRIDGTON, ME United States  
I'm not sure how I like this. Its super simple obviously as a bar but after three uses I did have to go back to regular bar. My hair was crunchy. Not sure what that was about. I'm sure I'll try it again. I am

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