Carley's Aleppo Style Green Soap(4 bars)

Carley's Aleppo Style Green Soap(4 bars)

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Carley’s GREEN Aleppo SOAP

  • The price of Olivce Oil has gone thtough the roof
  • Naturally green, no dyes.
  • Dry skin loves this soap.

  • Makes a creamy lather. (Olive oil soaps don’t make a lot of lather but still gets you clean, yet moisturizes at the same time.)

  • Bar seems to last and last.

  • A little more than half the size of our shea butter soap

  • Sulfate Free, Sulfates can contribute to acne.

  • Premium ingredients: Laurel Berry oil is imported from Turkey and costs almost $20 a pound.

  • Same ingredients as Syrian Aleppo Soap

Testimonial: Joe was one of the first to test our soap. We chose Joe, mainly because he had a lot of experience with Syrian soaps.

JOE: Hi there, I received your olive oil shampoo bar today and used it and I must say, it’s extremely INCREDIBLE……

ME: So you could say he loved it!

JOE: …I LOVE the smell of the laurel oil in your soap. It’s very unique. Not off putting at all. Much better than the aleppo soaps made in Syria I tried in the past.

ME: Laurel Berry oil has an unusual scent. Some love it, some don’t. It’s very mild and doesn’t stay with you.

JOE: The shampoo bar left my scalp and hair nice and soft. This is most likely the greatest shampoo bar I tried ever and I have tried many. You have a winner on your hands with this olive oil shampoo bar. Just an amazing shampoo bar…..

ME: Yes, I noticed it myself how good it was for shampooing. The next day my hair felt silky. I also loved they way my skin felt. I take the bar and just rub it against my hair until my hair feels creamy. Then wash as normal.

JOE: ….very moisturizing. I cannot wait until you start selling these. Thank for very much for creating a superb shampoo bar. 😉 Your shampoo bar easily surpasses all of the olive oil soaps I tried made in Greece, France, Syria, Lebanon, etc. Don’t ever stop making them. Joe D.

Aleppo soap is made in Aleppo Syria. It is world famous and expensive. We have been interested in that soap for some time. It’s especially popular in Japan. With the terrible war going on in Syria, I understand most of the soap makers are now closed. So we decided to fill the gap, with our version. We looked at what is out there and a lot of the so called Aleppo soaps have suspicious ingredients. Or no ingredients are listed. In fact, the providence often is missing. So we really don’t know where those soaps come from. This soap is made in the USA.

Are we copy cats? Yes, we often try to take other’s ideas and make them better. So how could we make a soap better than one that has been made for hundreds of years?

Why are our soaps better? One reason: Water! Water is one of the secrets to most of our products. We use only reverse osmosis purified water. Most soap makers use either tap water or distilled water.

Tap Water? Almost all tap water is loaded with all sorts of solids, such as calcium. And depending on how good the local water system is, a lot of other stuff too. It’s hard water. I remember the first time we switch from just purified water to reverse osmosis, I couldn’t get over how creamy our soap was as it poured. That’s when our soaps became special.

Why not distilled water? Distilled water is very acidic. And harsh. If you compare a soap made with reverse osmosis and then one with distilled water you will immediately feel the difference.

We also have a special curing process. Right after pouring we slow down the cure process for several days. We believe this is another reason Joe and so many like him love our soaps.

One of our regular customers, Sandra, got a sliver of this soap with her order.

Hello Steve,

Are gonna eventually sell the bar shampoo? I love
it. I use it all over my body and I find it very
moisturizing for the cold weather we are


Joe Updated us again a few days later:

JOE: Hey Steve, just wanted to shoot you a quick email with an update on your green soap bar. I LOVE IT. What I love about the soap among other things is the EXTREMELY CREAMY LATHER you get when you rub the soap directly on the head. I’ve always bought soaps that have coconut oil that give you a bigger lather, but I actually think I prefer the creamy lather of your green soap….

ME: he also asked about using all over:

JOE: …thank you for creating an amazing soap again. One more question though, you can use this soap on the face and the body correct? Do you rub the soap directly on your face to achieve lather or do you lather with your hands and apply the lather to your face? thanks again and have a great weekend

Joe D.

ME: I do use the soap directly on my hair, but use it with a wash cloth on my face and body. It’s a hard bar soap so lather is rather spare, but it gets you clean. And my skin stays so moist. Great for these winter months.


  • 83% Pure Grade Olive Oil

  • 5% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • 12% Laurel Berry Oil.: the only place we’ve found to buy Laurel Berry Oil is from a small manufacturer in Turkey. This oil looks like heavy duty dark green motor oil. Very very pricey. Almost $20 a pound. Many, so called, Aleppo soaps skip this vital ingredient. Or use very little.

  • We use a modern version of a 1000 year old process called saponification. Caustic soda converts these oils to this wonderful creamy soap. We have very expensive digital scales that measure to 1/1000th of a pound to insure the caustic is completely consumed during the transformation.

  • The ingredients cost 3 times as much as our shea butter soap. So the bars are about 1/2 the size in order to get the price right. We didn’t want to sell this soap for $16 a bar. Keep in mind, the soap lasts and last, if you keep it dry between showers.

USA shipping is now free!

4 bars of our Natural GREEN soap, minimum 3 1/2 to 4 ounces each.

Sorry but we do not ship to Italy Maldives and most of Africa at this time due to difficulties experienced with their customs and post office.

Carley’s Clear & Smooth Skin Treatment is Distributed exclusively by: Steve Wills Ent.




  • NO TIME LIMIT FOR YOU TO TRY (Why rush, take your time to decide if this is for you. Don’t you just hate those 30 day guarantees?)

  • JUST RETURN A MINIMUM OF TWO BARS FOR A REFUND (we have to assume if you use more than two bars you liked the soap and no refund will be accepted)

  • NO NEED TO GET A ‘RETURN AUTHORIZATION’ EITHER. (What is that all about anyway?)



  • WE ALSO SUPPORT YOU, WE ANSWER YOUR EMAILS PERSONALLY (one question or 100, we’re trying to earn your repeat business).

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3 of 5 Not a lot of lather April 5, 2023
Reviewer: Hope from Griswold, CT United States  
Nice clean feeling.  Going to try it on my face.

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5 of 5 January 19, 2022
Reviewer: Susan Brantley-Scott from Oklahoma City, OK United States  

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4 of 5 Natural Soap February 23, 2021
Reviewer: Carolina Mendoza from casselberry, FL United States  
Love how this soap leaves my skin feeling smooth and moisturized. Only thing j don't like is the slimy feeling it gets after sitting on the soap tray, but still recommend!

Seller Response. we recommend a well drained soap dish out of the shower stream. If the soap sits in a pool of water it will melt. thanks

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5 of 5 Loving this soap!!! October 14, 2019
Reviewer: Ryan from North Carolina  
I received this soap as a sample and am so glad I did! I normally use the Natural Shea Butter soap on my face and it's really great but this one took it to the next level! My skin feels smooth, soft, and radiant! I am going to use this as a shampoo and for my face going forward and the Natural Shea Butter for everything else. Thanks for making such great products and offering samples to expand my wellness routine!

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