Toe Nail Fungus System (Package Priced)

Toe Nail Fungus System (Package Priced)

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· Stop Nail Fungus Forever
with the power of essential oils and Herbs.


  • · We have put a lot of effort into designing this system
  • · We believe you will be very pleased with your new nails.
  • · 1 out of 10 suffer from nail fungus.
  • · Many have tried everything.
  • · Prescription Drugs can work but are dangerous
  • · We included every essential oil and herb known to help
  • · Including New Zealand Manuka Essential Oil and Indigo
  • · Both have clinically been shown to be effective
  • · Why a system? 3 steps to complete control
  • · Our Medicated Natural Soap stops Dandruff
  • · Dandruff is a known Fungal issue

  • · 1. Wash your feet with this soap daily (three bars included)
  • · Our Serum (½ oz.) is made with 60% high end essential oils.
  • · Each Essential Oil has been shown to control Fungus
  • · Plus Hyaluronic Acid and Vegetable Glycerin
  • · A True Serum
  • · 2. Brush the Serum on your toenails and the surrounding areas daily
  • · Absorbs fast into the nail beds
  • · 3. Apply the Fungal Cream all over your feet at the opposite time of day
  • · Our 4 oz. Fungal Cream is made with Indigo and Pau D’Arco
  • · High End Harakeke Oil is from New Zealand
  • · This cream will absorb well and help fight fungus all over your feet
  • · You’ll love your new soft feet.
  • · Will I be able to stop using this? Maybe, but likely no.
  • · Always wearing shoes with socks and keeping your feet dry might be an alternative long term solution.
  • · How long to see results? One to Three Months.
  • · By all means, do your research as we have done on these ingredients. You’ll see that no company offers anywhere near this complete a system to control your fungal issues.
  • · We’ve seen ½ ounce jars sell for what our whole system sells for.
  • · YES, we are affordable but that doesn’t mean our products aren't effective.
  • · We are the manufacturer and can skip the middleman markups.
  • Every product is made with the highest quality ingredients measured & processed with high tech methods in small batches.

Ingredients: for Medicated Natural Soap 3 bars min 3.5 ounces each

2% Zinc Pyrithione, (many dandruff shampoos use this)

Coconut Oil

Reverse Osmosis Purified Water

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Soybean oil

Abyssinian Oil

Ingredients in order of prominence for Fungal Serum .56 Fl. Oz.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Vegetable Glycerin

Manuka Essential Oil

Clove Bud Essential Oil

Oregano Essential Oil

Thyme Thymol Essential Oil

Vitamin E

Cinnamon Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil

Germal Plus

Ingredients in order of prominence for Fungal Cream 4 Fl. Oz. (118 mL)

Reverse-Osmosis Purified Water,

Herbal Extracts of: Pau D’Arco, Olive Leaf, & Wormwood

These three herbs have been shown to control Fungus

Harakeke Seed Oil,

Emulsifying Wax,

Manuka Essential Oil

Clove Bud Essential Oil

Thyme Thymol Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil

Stearic Acid

Cetyl Alcohol

Vitamin E

Indigofera tinctoria

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Germal Plus


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