Carley's Virgin Coconut Daytime Moisturizer

Carley's Virgin Coconut Daytime Moisturizer

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  • 8oz bottle of moisturizer
  • For normal to dry skin
  • comes with 1/2 bar of our natural soap
  • Great for use under makeup!
  • Virgin pure coconut fragrance
  • Absorbs wonderfully, and is light and effective
  • No mineral oil, no greasy feeling

    Nature has all the answers!

    We believe that all the answers to skin and even medical problems are found in nature. Science has only scratched the surface discovering what plants will do.

    This is how real coconut moisturizer really and truly smells! We don’t need to add any fragrances or essences. When you take a whiff of this virgin, pure coconut moisturizer you will be mentally transported to a Caribbean or South Pacific island. This Virgin Coconut oil is processed by technology developed in Japan using a centrifuge and gravity. They harvest the coconut and the coconut milk is extracted by centrifuge with a density separator. Virgin coconut oil comes directly from the FIJI Islands and we can attest to its purity and content.

    We listen to our customers:
    How did we get the idea for our newest moisturizer? One of our customers suggested it. (we get our best ideas from our customers-keep ’em coming) After we tested this amazing moisurizer, we just couldn’t resist getting it out to our customers right away. This gives us two daytime moisturizers to cover all skin types.

    Why do you use Emulsifying wax instead of thickeners like Zanthan Gum and Sea Kelp? True moisturizers don’t use thickeners. It’s sort of cheating to call it a moisturizer. It’s basically oil that has an additive added to make it feel like a moisturizer.

    If it feels like a moisturizer, isn’t that enough? It’s doesn’t feel nearly as good or moisturize your skin as well. Plus these oil/thickeners are difficult to stabilize (mold grows unless you use a lot of preservatives). And they don’t have that creamy feel you get when the oil and water are perfectly combined by use of a good quality vegetable wax. That’s one of the reasons people just can’t believe how wonderful our moisturizers make their skin feel. OK then why do others not use waxes? Making moisturizers the way we do is a pain in the *ss. It’s a complicated process that it took us quite a while to perfect.

    What ELSE makes your moisturizers different? It’s what we don’t use. We don’t use any Silicones or Simethicones. Have you ever looked at a package of gas relief in the drug store? It has one active ingredient usually: Dimethicone. Dimethicones and Silicones are basically the same thing. They remove bubbles and foam. Works great for stomach gas, but do you really want that FILM on your skin?

    So why do they use them? Big companies use these chemicals (they may not be listed on the label, but they are there hidden in some long named ingredient) so during production they can rapidly fill bottles without worrying about foam messing up their filling operation. Instead of that we have to hand top off our bottles (and jars) after they have settled (the bubbles take a week or so to go away). It’s labor intensive, but really makes a for special line of products.

    Why then not just use Virgin Coconut oil by itself?
    Oils by themselves don’t have the same curative powers that oils in a proper lotion do. Pure oils don’t absorb well into the skin. Mainly because properly done using the right exact temperatures and ingredients the oil and water are combined into one. This combination maximizes the effects of the oil. Making your skin better able to enjoy the benefits. And you look better too!

    Aren’t oil-free moisturizers better for your skin? No!
    Oil free moisturizers are made from animal by-products and are basically a chemical stew. Ever read the label? How many of the ingredients can you pronounce? Each of these long named ingredients are actually products in themselves. Loaded with all sorts of secret ingredients. It’s a way of avoiding disclosing really what you are putting on your skin. What are they trying to hide? It’s a technicality to call them oil free and besides who says oils are bad for your skin? I say your skin needs oils to help it be healthy. Do they cause acne? They can, but so can oil-free ingredients. This isn’t due to pore clogging, but allergies. Which are a major cause of acne. Only way to know for sure is to try and see what works for you. We’re pretty sure you will love our newest daytime moisturizer.

    Is this for everyone?
    Honestly, we don’t know. All we know is, everyone who has tried it loves it. We have a group of friends and relatives who try our products out first. Since we don’t test with animals, we got to use humans. Women who have normal to dry skin love it for under make up. The men we tested it with like it as a daytime product too.

    Reverse Osmosis Purified Water: When looking at other skin care products I always want to know how the water they use is purified(if at all). Is it filtered? How small a filter? Ozonated? Often the devil is in the details. We use only Reverse Osmosis purified water. Reverse Osmosis purified water is the gold standard for being clean and pure. So if we are talking microscopic differences why is it important? Reverse Osmosis water, we’ve found, works better than any other water to maximize the potential of the precious ingredients we use. It’s expensive, but we believe anything else is purely just cutting corners.

    Virgin Coconut Oil. Also known as Extra Virgin Coconut oil. From Fiji.

    Emulsifying Wax Vegetable sourced (of course) this binds the oil and water together.

    Stearic Acid Vegetable sourced adds firmness and creaminess to the lotion

    Germall Plus® (diazolidinyl urea iodopropynyl butylcarbamate sorry can”t get away from using this long name ingredient, you’re safety is paramount): This is an all vegetable derived non-paraben based preservative. Be careful using any product that doesn”t use an effective preservative. Germall Plus® is effective at 4/10”s of one percent. Yet extremely safe to use.

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5 of 5 These products are recommended April 3, 2024
Reviewer: Enver Morales from Miami , FL United States  
The best products I have used, I recommend them.

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5 of 5 Light not heavy October 14, 2023
Reviewer: Deb S from BRIDGTON, ME United States  
I’ve been using this lotion for many years. Very light and the smell is wonderful and not overwhelming

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5 of 5 April 11, 2023
Reviewer: Sarah Nieznany from Dallas, GA United States  

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5 of 5 Lighter July 23, 2022
Reviewer: Faye Sullivan from Safety harbor, FL United States  
My husband uses every day after shaving.He loves it.It’s not as heavy as night cream .

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5 of 5 June 30, 2021
Reviewer: Belinda Buitrago from Homestead , FL United States  

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