Carley’s Rosacea Cream

Carley’s Rosacea Cream

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Carley’s Rosacea Cream

Many people get this awful Rosacea diagnosis, yet few products, if anything, works for it. We get asked all the time for something, anything to help. We believe we have done it!

We use an innovative tetrapeptide specifically designed to decrease the appearance of facial redness and telangiectasia induced by an excessive inflammatory response.

Cosmetic Benefits

  • Fights skin redness caused by inflammation
  • Fights post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • Reduces appearance of dilated blood vessels
  • Reduces swollen red lumps
  • Helps with active acne

AND So much more! We designed this cream to use several methods of attacking your Rosacea. All the ingredients were put together like a complicated puzzle. There is nothing on the market quite like this.

Tea Tree Oil: Tiny mites called demodex, are naturally present on facial skin and are usually harmless. Recent studies however have discovered people with rosacea have up to 10 times as many demodex mites. Studies suggest that too many demodex mites or related bacteria may trigger an inflammation and flare-up. Tea tree oil has natural antimicrobial properties and the proven ability to kill demodex mites.

Geranium essential oil has antioxidant, astringent, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties making it an ideal natural treatment for rosacea.

Bakuchiol (1%) treats inflammation and acne. This is an extract from the Babchi Plant from India. It is incredibly expensive ingredient.

Sea buckthorn oil is a topical treatment that both heals and strengthens the skin. When applied directly to the affected area, sea buckthorn oil reduces swelling, inflammation, and scarring while fortifying your skin. The strengthening properties of this oil penetrate deep, also strengthening the skin cells and blood vessels. Sea buckthorn oil also contains antimicrobial properties which help eliminate the bacteria that may trigger a flare up.

Jojoba oil is another treatment for people with rosacea. People with rosacea do not produce sufficient sebum. Jojoba oil acts like sebum hydrating and protecting your skin. The anti-inflammatory properties in jojoba oil help reduce skin redness and swelling.

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) has been used medicinally for over 4,000 years to treat a variety of disorders including inflammation, digestive issues, and certain cancers. Curcumin is the active ingredient and primary pharmacological agent in turmeric. One study, published by ethnobotanist James A. Duke, concluded that curcumin has the ability to surpass the effects of potent anti-inflammatory pharmaceuticals. He states that curcumin is a “multi-faceted anti-inflammatory agent, and studies of the efficacy of curcumin have demonstrated positive changes in arthritic symptoms.”
There is a lot of Turmeric in this cream. Use a thin layer several times a day. Using heavily might color the skin orange.

Neem, a tree Native to Southeast Asia and valued highly in Ayurveda, is another centuries-old remedy for skin health. Neem leaf, bark and oil are teaming with anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and antibacterial properties, making them excellent additions in skin care formulations. Neem is known to sooth irritation caused by rosacea flare-ups and acne.

Aloe Vera, (We grow our own) is nature’s best hydrator, has been proven a safe, gentle and effective treatment for mild to moderate forms of rosacea. Applying this wonder plant to the skin can result in almost immediate relief from redness and irritation.

Virgin Coconut Oil is definitely a miracle, coconut oil is in a kingdom of its own. The benefits of this oil are so plentiful that it really deserves it’s own encyclopedia. In terms of rosacea, coconut oil used topically and internally helps to reduce inflammation and support tissue healing and repair.

Gentian Root and Burdock Root are both known to reduce inflammation.

Hyaluronic Acid, Drive massive amount of moisture deep into the skin.

NIACINAMIDE, is Vitamin B3. A topical vitamin your skin can absorb to return it to a healthy state.

This is the exact order of prominence after active ingredients.

Active: Acetyl Tetrapeptide-40, Bakuchiol(1%),

Balance of ingredients: Reverse Osmosis Purified. Water, Jojoba, Emulsifying Wax, Virgin Coconut,

Cetyl alcohol, Niacinamide(3%), Sea BuckThorn Oil,

Germall plus, Optiphen, Tea Tree Oil, Hyaluronic Acid,

EDTA, Geranium EO, Vit. E, Caprylyl Glycol

Extracted Herbs: Aloe Vera, Burdock Root,

Gentian Root, Neem Leaf, and Turmeric

Made in USA, Cruelty Free


2 Fl. oz. (59 mL) Include s a 1/2 bar of our Natural Soap.

No time limit guarantee. Just email us with any questions: [email protected]

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5 of 5 Wow November 5, 2023
Reviewer: wendy turnbull from danville, KY United States  
I am 63 and have always had touchy skin. One doc says rosacea, another says adult acne. I treat it like any kind of inflammation these days, but once in a while I run out of my Carley skincare stash and I get lazy. Such was the case recently. My skin had been looking so good I sort of took it for granted. Until it no longer looked good. I had visibly red cheeks, large bumps rumbling beneath the surface and some nasty stuff at the surface. So, back to Carley's. I like to go through the whole list of what they offer in various categories and I had never seen a product from them before that was specifically for rosacea. It was at the top of my wish list. I got the scrub that works for me, and some moisturizer and the rosacea cream. No kidding - within 7 days there was a huge difference. Event the big bumps beneath the surface seemed to have dissolved. Kind of amazing.

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