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Vegan Straightening & Curl

Vegan Straightening & Curl

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Vegan Straightening & Curl

Comes with 1/2 bar of our natural soap

Whether the desire is for smooth, straight hair or voluminous curls, everyone is interested in hair care products that improve ease of styling and shape retention.

We have pioneered a new enzyme technology which allows one to temporarily straighten or curl their hair. Vegan Straightening & Curl not only delivers versatility at the customer’s fingertips, but it has been shown to re­duce styling damage while providing further conditioning benefits.

Vegan Straightening & Curl is an all-natural, vegan ingredient that is capable of modifying hair shape while protecting it from styling damage. This unique ingredient consists of a blend of hydro­lyzed vegetable protein and Trametes versicolor extract.

What is Trametes versicolor: This is a type of mushroom which contains the oxidative enzyme laccase. This distinct heat activated enzyme cross-links free carboxylic acid groups in the hydrolyzed vegetable proteins with the amine groups along the cuticle to create a stable network that holds the hair’s texture in a given shape.

How do I use it? After shampoo and rinse, apply like a leave in conditioner. Allow it to sit in your hair for 30 minutes or more. Then rinse. Heat activates this product. So a curling iron or flat iron will allow you to easily shape your hair as you like.

How long will it last? Until your next shampoo.

What else is in this product?

Argan Oil is one of the most precious oils in the world. It comes from a very hardy tree that only grows in Moroccan in the desert. The Argan Trees only produce every other year. The seeds/nuts are incredibly hard. They require a lot of hand labor to get the oil out. Many areas of Morocco rely on this oil as their only income source.

Isn’t Argan Oil in a lot of products? According to a recent study, most skin products that claim to have Argan oil in them, have very little. A few drops. Argan Oil is a primary ingredient in this product.

Argan Oil is world renown as a curative oil for the hair. It is loaded with nutrients that the hair can use to become healthy. The difficult part is getting those benefits into your hair.

So why not just buy Argan Oil and apply it to your hair? Because our skin and hair cannot absorb oils by themselves. When you apply an oil directly to your hair, it leaves a film and just catches dirt from the air and feels greasy. The key is getting the Argan oil to absorb into your hair and scalp. For that to happen Argan has to be in a true moisturizer base. One thing we do know how to do is make a moisturizer. MAKING A TRUE MOISTURIZER IS ALMOST A LOST ART. When I say a true moisturizer what I mean is a perfect bond between oils and water. Oils and water don’t mix. This is accomplished by combining oils and water using vegetable waxes at a precise temperature. Most products use thickeners instead. Which is not even close to a true moisturizer base.


Vegan Straightening & Curl (active) a full 10% Hydrolyzed Corn Protein, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Tramestes Versicolor Extract

Reverse Osmosis purified water: virtually all skin care products ‘say’ they use purified water. But the real deal is reverse osmosis purified water. This mean ZERO contaminants which means the starting point is pure. It’s expensive to do (goes through 5 filters, which have to be changed often), but it is the only water we use. We use the waste water from this purifying process to water our flowers and landscaping. So there is no waste. Don’t some products use distilled water? Yes but distilled water is expensive to make (heat is used to boil the dirty water and stream is collected). the problem we have with distilled water is it has a lower pH due to the extra ions added during the process. We prefer to work with pH neutral water. To me there is no more perfect water than R-O water. I remember the 1st time we made soap with it. As we poured the soap is was so creamy! It looked like home made ice cream right before it gets solid. It’s one of our special secrets to how good our products are.

5% Virgin Argan Oil (Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil) One of the most precious carrier oils in the world.

Glycerin (vegetable). What skin care product doesn’t benefit from Glycerin? Problem is most store bought and even high end moisturizers use animal derived Glycerin. You don’t even want to know how they make this glycerin. Unless the label specifically says vegetable it is almost always animal derived. Yuck!

BTMS (Behentrimonium Methosulfate Cetearyl Alcohol) This is a sulfate free ingredient. BTMS Conditioning Emulsifier is an excellent cationic self-emulsifier and conditioner for both hair and skin care. It is naturally derived from Colza oil and is noted for its exceptional mildness. BTMS Conditioning Emulsifier offers innovative properties to formulations as both a mild primary emulsifier and an excellent conditioning agent.

Cetac 30 (Cetrimonium Chloride) is a cationic quaternary ammonium salt that is used as a hair conditioning agent. This is a vegetable derived ingredient. Its use in conditioners and cream rinses improves both wet and dry combing and reduces static electricity. Cationic means it helps other nutritional ingredients adhere and absorb into the hair even after the rinse.

Panthenol (2%) Panthenol is present in all living cells in the form of Pantothenic acid which is a constituent of Co-enzyme A. A deficiency in Panthothenic acid results in dermatological and many physiological disorders. Pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5) is a natural constituent of healthy hair. Panthenol (pro-vitamin B5) will convert to pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) in hair. Panthenol conditions the hair without build up.

GuarSilk (Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride)

Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol (vegetable) this is a waxy vegetable ingredient used to give the moisturizers a bit of heft and contact feel.

Germall Plus (4/10’s of 1%) (diazolidinyl Urea, 3-Iodo-2-propylbutylcarbarmate) (a vegetable derived preservative to keep our product fresh) only needs 4/10’s of one percent to keep our product safe. Look before you ask, no totally natural preservative really protects products from bacteria. We don’t like using Parabens. and since we pH balance our moisturizers we are limited in our choice of preservatives. What’s great about this one is so little is needed to afford protection.

Sweet orange essential oil

Why don’t we use silicone(dimethicone)? Silicone is an ingredient that is in practically every skin care product and especially hair care products. Silicone is also known as dimethicone. It has several other chemical names and forms. What is does is make things slick. It is the active ingredient in those anti-gas products people take. Silicone makes the big manufacturers job easy, since they can fill containers fast without worrying about bubbles or foam. We don’t use silicone, because it also leaves a film on the skin and hair. For hair care our worry was it seals the hair and actually starves the hair of nutrients. But isn’t it great for comb ability? Yes, when your hair is wet, silicone helps the comb glide through the hair. So with our product your hair will not get that ease of combing until it dries. As you continue to use our conditioner, you’ll see your hair getting healthier because it can now absorb the nutrients in our product. And your hair will get easier to comb.

We do not use Phthalates: Ever wonder how most products can last years and years on the retail shelf? There’s this secret almost unpronounceable ingredient called Phthalates. It used to be only used to make plastics stronger and more flexible. But recently it has been revealed that this mystery ingredient is used to also ensure fragrances stay fresh smelling in cosmetic products for years. And here’s the kicker, our government doesn’t require manufacturers to even put this ‘poison’ on the label. But the secret ingredient was revealed when scientists were trying to figure out why this chemical was turning up in baby urine. Everything we ship is made fresh, and we only use natural essences so no need to use Phthalates. Sorry if we sound smug, but the more we examine the products being sold as good for us the more we find they aren’t good for us. Or to me even worse: bland. Nothing we make could ever be described as bland.

pH neutral: And why is this important? Although we use ingredients that have an acid pH, the finished conditioner is pH neutral, like all of our moisturizers. We believe the skin is actually stressed by acids. Virtually all moisturizers on the market are acid. We wondered why? If acids are so good for the skin as these products claim, why does it feel so good to take a swim in the ocean? Why does ocean water help your hair too. Ocean water pH is very much the opposite of acid. Slightly alkaline. Why is it recommended to keep swimming pool water slightly alkaline? There is a whole line of thinking now that promotes alkalines. We believe the skin and all of nature loves alkaline and hates acids. If the ocean were to all of a sudden become slightly acid, mostly it would be a dead body of water. Forget this nonsense of the ‘acid mantle’. Our bodies when healthy, are pH neutral to slightly alkaline.

We also include a free FULL SIZE bar of our Natural shea butter non-drying soap with each jar. An $8.00 value if purchases singly. This Natural soap has to be tried to be believed. It is nothing short of wonderful.

No animal testing EVER!

Most skin care products you buy to use today, were made in large factories years ago and have been in storage. Everything we ship was made in small batches within a few weeks of shipping. Fresh matters! Quality ingredients matter!

Now keep in mind it is legal in this country to put one drop of an ingredient into a product and name it after that ingredient. WE DON’T EVER DO THAT. It might be legal, but it isn’t moral or ethical. Besides in our mind if a product works we will get reorders.

Best if used within one year of receipt. I’ll bet no skin care product you have bought from a store was made within the last year. Most of the products were made years ago. We find we can better control our quality if we make products as they are used. Fresh just makes for better skin care products. Our families all use our products. We only sell what we would use.

People ask us all the time, how come I’ve never heard of your company? The reason is our products have to be made and shipped fresh and used within one year. Which pretty much makes us, by design, a small company and a niche product. That’s ok, we have an extremely loyal following. And we get a lot of referrals. We spend almost nothing on advertising. And we are profitable since we spend almost nothing on advertising. lol. No, we’re not getting rich or driving BMW’s. We support several families while helping people with top quality products. What’s not to love?

How much? $19.99 for 8 Fl. Oz. (236 mL). FREE USA shipping

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Sorry but we do not ship to Italy, Maldives and most of Africa at this time due to difficulties experienced with their customs and post office. Please be aware: Russia and India are currently experiencing longer shipping times.

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  • NO TIME LIMIT FOR YOU TO TRY IT (Why rush, take your time to decide if this is for you. Don’t you just hate those 30 day guarantees?) As with all products we sell it is best to use within one year of receipt of product.


  • NO NEED TO GET A ‘RETURN AUTHORIZATION’ EITHER. (What is that all about anyway?)



  • WE ALSO SUPPORT YOU, WE ANSWER YOUR EMAILS PERSONALLY (one question or 100, we’re trying to earn your repeat business).

Distributed exclusively by: Steve Wills Ent.

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5 of 5 AMAZING!! January 4, 2021
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I can't believe there aren't any reviews for this AMAZING product! I've bought this three times already and for good reason! This makes my hair SO shiny, soft, and look SO SO SO healthy when I blow dry/curl it! It also makes my dry, thick, frizzy, curly/wavy hair frizz free (When I decide not to straighten it), and it smells soooo good! I cannot go without this product! And a side note: a little goes a long way! I learned the hard way! Haha! But don't hesitate to get this! You won't regret it! Thanks Steve, for making yet another amazing product that saves my hair every time!

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