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Red Panax Ginseng Conditioning Shampoo

Red Panax Ginseng Conditioning Shampoo

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Red Panax Ginseng Conditioning Shampoo

This is a new Natural Conditioning Formula for us. Especially good for dry brittle hair. But works with all hair types.

Red Panax Ginseng has been proven to improve the health of hair. There are lower quality ginsengs. We use 6 year old Panax Ginseng from Korea. The good stuff costs $120 a pound.

Aloe Vera (hand scraped from fresh Aloe Vera Leaves)

Should give you good lather in most water systems.

The longer it stays in your hair the more it conditions. For most, we advise applying at the beginning of your shower and rinsing out at the end. For severely dry hair, apply to dry hair about a half hour before your shower.

We’ve had a couple of early testers we randomly sent samples asking if we should sell it:

I received a sample and i love it!

I have extremely thin, gnarly and curly hair. It’s really vulnerable to fallout and breakage. I used it for the last few weeks and i find it very strengthening and smoothing. I love it please release it I will definitely purchase it!



Active Ingredient: Korean Red Panax Ginseng (6 Years Old) is believed to reduce the effect of testosterone-related hair fall as per latest Japanese research findings. All these factors indicate that Korean Ginseng can prove to be an effective natural solution for reducing hair fall and promoting healthy hair growth in both men and women.

Korean Red Panax Ginseng
is considered an adaptogen, which are natural substances that are believed to stimulate the body's resistance to stressors. Real 6 year old Korean Red Panax Ginseng costs well over a $100 a pound. We don’t use a low quality powder, but the real roots are extracted into reverse osmosis water. This is a several days process that insures all the benefits are transferred to this Conditioning Shampoo.

Active Ingredient: Aloe Vera A 1998 study found that aloe vera helped resolve the scalp inflammation that dandruff causes. The fatty acids found in the aloe plant have anti-inflammatory properties. Aloe vera contains vitamins A, C, and E. All three of these vitamins contribute to cell turnover, promoting healthy cell growth and shiny hair. Vitamin B12 and folic acid are also contained in aloe vera gel. Both of these components can keep your hair from falling out.

We now hand scrape our Aloe Vera from leaves we grow.

Additional Ingredients

Reverse Osmosis purified water: virtually all skin care products ‘say’ they use purified water. But the real deal is reverse osmosis purified water. This mean ZERO contaminants which means the starting point is pure. It’s expensive to do (goes through 5 filters, which have to be changed often), but it is the only water we use. We use the waste water from this purifying process to water our flowers and landscaping. So there is no waste. Don’t some products use distilled water? Yes but distilled water is environmentally expensive to make (heat is used to boil the dirty water and stream is collected). The problem we have with distilled water is it has a lower pH due to the extra ions added during the process. We prefer to work with pH neutral water. To me there is no more perfect water than R-O water. I remember the 1st time we made soap with it. As we poured the soap we noticed it was so creamy! It looked like home made ice cream right before it gets solid. It’s one of our special secrets to how good our products are. Again, no one does this.

Organic Coconut/Olive Soap Liq Concentrate: Organic Coconut and Olive Liquid Soap Concentrate
is a 45% active liquid soap concentrate made using NOP USDA Certified Organic Coconut oil and Olive Oil. One of very few Sulfate Free Organic Concentrates. This Organic Coconut and Olive Liquid Soap Concentrate is the cutting edge product to use when making liquid soaps.

Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol (vegetable wax) Cetyl alcohol is what is known as a fatty alcohol. Fatty alcohols behave nothing like what we know as real alcohols – in other words, it doesn’t behave like propanol or ethanol(which are drying
). Cetyl Alcohol is moisturizing and adds slip and helps to condition your hair. It is why we can call this a Conditioning Shampoo. The longer it stays in your hair the more it conditions. For most, we advise applying at the beginning of your shower and rinsing out at the end. For severely dry hair, apply a half hour before your shower.

Virgin Argan Oil
(Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil) One of the most precious carrier oils in the world. It is world renowned for its benefits for hair.

Cetac 30 (Cetrimonium Chloride)
is a cationic quaternary ammonium salt that is used as a hair conditioning agent. This is a vegetable derived ingredient. Its use in conditioners and cream rinses improves both wet and dry combing and reduces static electricity. Cationic means it helps other nutritional ingredients adhere and absorb into the hair even after the rinse.

DL-Panthenol (pro-vitamin B5): (1%)
Panthenol is present in all living cells in the form of Pantothenic acid which is a constituent of Co-enzyme A. A deficiency in Panthothenic acid results in dermatological and many physiological disorders. Pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5) is a natural constituent of healthy hair. Panthenol (pro-vitamin B5) will convert to pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) in hair. Panthenol conditions the hair without build up.

Germall Plus
(diazolidinyl Urea, 3-Iodo-2-propylbutylcarbarmate) (a vegetable derived preservative to keep our product fresh) only needs 4/10’s of one percent to keep our product safe. Look before you ask, no totally natural preservative really protects products from bacteria. We don’t like using Parabens. and since we pH balance our moisturizers we are limited in our choice of preservatives. What’s great about this one is so little is needed to afford protection.

Otiphem preservative. Also a ph neutral preservative.

Orange Sweet Essential Oil. Just a light touch.

Best if used within one year of receipt. I’ll bet no skin care product you have bought from a store was made within the last year. Most of the products were made years ago. We find we can better control our quality if we make products as they are used. Fresh just makes for better skin care products. Our families all use our products. We only sell what we would use.

No animal ingredients or testing! We also get assurances from our suppliers that all of our raw ingredients are not animal derived, or any animal testing done there either.

All skin care products you buy today, were made in large factories years ago and have been in storage. Everything we ship was made in small batches within a few weeks of shipping. Fresh matters! Quality ingredients matter!

Most of our ingredients are as close to natural as possible. We avoid overly processed ingredients. Processing means heat and that destroys the goodness in these precious ingredients we use.

We also include a free 1/2 bar of our Natural shea butter non-drying soap with each bottle. This Natural soap has to be tried to be believed. It is nothing short of wonderful.

Minimum 14 Fl. Oz. (414 mL). Comes in a 16 Oz. bottle to allow for settling.

Free USA shipping.

Carley’s Clear & Smooth Skin Treatment is Distributed exclusively by: Steve Wills Ent.

(Why rush, take your time to decide if this is for you. Don’t you just hate those 30 day guarantees?) As with all products we sell it is best to use within one year of receipt of product.

NO NEED TO GET A ‘RETURN AUTHORIZATION’ EITHER. (What is that all about anyway?)
|WE ALSO SUPPORT YOU, WE ANSWER YOUR EMAILS PERSONALLY (one question or 100, we’re trying to earn your repeat business).

Distributed exclusively by: Steve Wills Ent.

These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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5 of 5 So smoothing January 31, 2024
Reviewer: Michelle Cilento from Croton On Hudson, NY United States  
Great to use for a weekly mask

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5 of 5 Favorite November 18, 2023
Reviewer: Michelle Wagner from Solon, IA United States  
Been using this for some months and I love that I don't have to use conditioner when I cleanse with this.  Helps with dry away strands.  Thanks for the great product.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Makes my hair feel healthy and look shiny May 24, 2023
Reviewer: Amy Vance from Berrien Springs, MI United States  

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5 of 5 Red Panax Ginseng!!! February 23, 2023
Reviewer: Donna D - from Pevely, MO United States  
Love the way my hair literally shines after using the red panax ginseng conditioning shampoo. Lots body and volume no static - sometimes I add a little of the herbal shampoo just because I love that too:)

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Great, scalp is way better. February 8, 2023
Reviewer: Pauline R Coursey from Staunton, VA United States  
I have different issues with my scalp n hair. The diagnosis,  the drs can't seem to agree on what's going on.  I love that you get conditioner n shampoo together. Steve is so helpful when it comes to my hair n skin. I've been doing business with them for 20 yrs. Life would be awful without all the products for my skin , scalp, face, etc. I would never purchase any other product for my skin n hair. This is the best out there. Believe me. I tried so much b4 using Carleys. Ty Steve.

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