Carley's Midnight Moisturizer for Acne Prone skin.

Carley's Midnight Moisturizer for Acne Prone skin.

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Product Code: MIDNIGHT

    • 8oz bottle of moisturizer
    • Perfect for bedtime
    • Specially formulated for acne prone skin
  • Comes with 1/2 bar of our natural soap
  • Absorbs into the skin and lasts through the night, without that greasy feeling!
  • Made with high end ingredients

We really listen to our customers! All your emails are read and answered. When enough of you make comments about needing a specific product we turn our experts loose. One thing we constantly get asked by people with acne prone skin is for a moisturizer to apply before bedtime. A bit heavier to absorb into the skin. Everyone wants to wake with their skin dewy moist, yet no one wants greasy bed clothes or pillow cases. It takes a special product to absorb and last through the night. Problem is some people with acne prone skin found our regular exotic butter moisturizer not well suited for their skin type. So we decided to work on a new moisturizer for those with acne prone skin to apply before bedtime. Our testers were all pretty excited about this moisturizer right after their first night with it.

Keep in mind most moisturizers use very inexpensive oils like sweet almond($20 a gallon), grape seed($20 a gallon) or mineral oil (a few dollars a gallon). We believe special high end ingredients make our moisturizers very special. Plus all the oils we use are Expeller Pressed. This means that no chemicals were used to get out the last bit of oil. This can be compared to Extra Virgin in olive oil. We use only the finest ingredients available. You wouldn’t expect that in a $15 dollar product. But since you are buying direct, you are not paying for all the middle men to make a profit. Our products are nothing short of a great bargain.

Why not use Oil Free products? I guess those are ok, if you want to coat your body with chemicals. How many of those ingredients can you really pronounce or have any idea what they are? Many of our customers are sensitive to these products. Often we hear from people who use our moisturizers for the first time and are amazed at how wonderful their skin feels.

So why use oils? Oils contain important nutrients your skin needs to be healthy. Finding the right moisturizer with the right oil often solves many skin issues. This is why we make so many different moisturizers.

So why not JUST use oils to moisturize? Oils by themselves aren’t readily available for the skin to absorb or utilize and get the most benefits. They mostly sit on the skin’s surface and by themselves tend to be too acidic. Within a true moisturizer…..magic happens. The oils and the water are combined and the skin just drinks them in.

Info about the ‘Art’ of making moisturizers.

Almost all moisturizers you buy in a store are not true moisturizers.

If they aren’t true moisturizers then what are they? I call them a chemical stew. They use poor quality oils combined with thickeners such as Xanthan gum or Seaweed products such as Kelp, Algin or Carrageenan.

So what’s wrong with Seaweed? It’s natural right? Seaweed is cured with sulfur. Many of us develop an allergic reaction when their skin touches sulfur.

Why thickeners? They are easy to work with. Temperatures are not all that critical and they can be made in huge batches. Millions at a time in large factories (very few if any companies make their own moisturizers). And loaded down with paraben preservatives, they can be made to last pretty much forever.

So what are true moisturizers and how are they made? It’s almost a lost art. True moisturizers are made by combining oils and water, with a wax. Preferably a vegetable wax.

How is this done? Each ingredient, in the right exact percentage, must come together at a specific temperature and at a specific point in the process. It’s extremely precise. It takes a master moisturizer maker to do it.

Since the combinations are infinite, how was this formula arrived at? Mostly trial and error. We run a spread sheet and throw away a lot of product before finding the right exact formula. This is an art! There is very little written information that has any value. Plus to complicate things even more, each oil and butter has different properties. So this trial and error method must be applied to each different moisturizer we make.

What else is involved? We can only make our moisturizers in small batches of a few hundred bottles or jars at a time. And since we don’t use silicone. Bubbles and foam are a real issue. There’s a lot of hand topping off involved. In other words, very labor intensive.

So why do you do it this way? Because it makes the best moisturizers we believe made anywhere. They go on smooth and absorb into the skin. You find your skin later in the day (or night) soft and moist.


Reverse Osmosis Purified Water: When looking at other skin care products I always want to know how the water they use is purified(if at all). Is it filtered? How small a filter? Ozonated? Often the devil is in the details. We use only Reverse Osmosis purified water. Reverse Osmosis purified water is the gold standard for being clean and pure. So if we are talking microscopic differences why is it important? Reverse Osmosis water, we’ve found, works better than any other water to maximize the potential of the precious ingredients we use. It’s expensive, but we believe anything else is purely just cutting corners.

Golden Jojoba: Jojoba is very similar in composition to human natural skin lipids. Within a moisturizer, Jojoba penetrates the skin rapidly to nourish it and also softens and moisturizes skin. We use 100% pure jojoba, the extract of seeds produced by the jojoba plant from the southwest USA, which is expeller pressed, once. No solvents are used during this process. Jojoba is sometimes called “jojoba oil” but it is technically an extract. It’s not an oil at all but a liquid wax ester. Jojoba tends to be expensive because it can take nearly 1200 trees to produce one pound of Jojoba nuts, which only yield 50 percent oil. 5 gallons costs us over $250. We buy it by the 55 gallon drum, almost $3,000

Macadamia Nut Oil: (Macadamia integrifolia) This tree is native to Australia. Also known as Queensland nut oil, this cold pressed oil is high in palmitoleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid that acts as an antioxidant, preventing deterioration of cell membranes. For mature skin it is hydrating and gentle. It is a skin lubricant and is easily absorbed by the skin, sometimes described as a “vanishing oil.” Helpful in cases of sunburn and wound healing. it’s about $150 for 5 gallons.

Squalane: This is a precious extract of olive oil. This is not the olive oil anyone could afford to cook with. Squalane is a remarkable extract found in olive oil. It is a non-irritating, protein rich, moisturizing agent with exceptional skin softening properties. In fact, it is one of the most effective moisturizers ingredients available. Squalane is rich in vitamin A, thus helping with improving suppleness and resiliency of the skin. In addition it helps to prevent the formation of brown age spots. Because of its “light as water” consistency, it is absorbed quickly and deeply in to the skin with no oily film. Plus it gives our moisturizer a silky feeling. Not a lot of companies use this oil. 5 Gallons costs over a $1000.

Meadowfoam Seed Oil: Meadowfoam oil is used here due to its stability, lubricity and ability to stay on the skin. Meadowfoam Seed Oil’s skin feel is distinct from many other natural oils. This is due to the novel chemistry of its fatty acids, which contain more carbon atoms than fatty acids common in most edible oils. As a result, Meadowfoam Seed oil provides good emolliency without being overly greasy. 5 Gallons costs us over $400

Emulsifying Wax: is a vegetable wax. Used to combine the water and oils in True moisturizers. Most moisturizers today aren’t made like ours. They are mostly oils (usually not very good oils) and thickeners like Sea Weed (Algin, Kelp) and Xanthan gums. Which means technically they aren’t moisturizers. An additional problem is Sea Weed derived thickeners have Sulfurs in it. A known allergen and in certain chemical states a pollutant.

Stearic Acid: This is also a vegetable wax, used to not only combine oils and water into a moisturizer, but also makes this moisturizer creamy.

Germal Plus: Paraben free, vegetable derived preservative.

Green Tea: Also great skin regenerative properties.

Lavender: Natural essences of. We do not user fragrances.

Our moisturizers are pH neutral. All moisturizers we’ve tested tend towards the mildly acidic to very acidic levels. Acids are very popular right now. We believe they are being overused and might partially explain the incredible increase over the last few decades of adult acne. Constantly applying acidic lotions to the skin might cause the surface bacteria (needed for normal healthy skin) to move deeper into the skin. Without those surface bacteria your skin can be stressed. Your skin can also dry and oily at the same time. Out of sorts. Our skin care products tend to restore this healthy balance.

What about clogging pores? Actually this term Noncomedogenic is a purely made up term. Yes some people do indeed respond to certain oils and butters and form acne. But this is a type of allergic formed acne. Noncomedogenic was a term used by certain marketers to sell their products and trash their competitors. It is used especially to sell the ‘oil free’ products. We don’t like oil free products because they are nothing short of just a chemical stew. Often with animal derived ingredients and artificial fragrances. They are oil free only on a technicality. The Mayo Clinic released a top ten list of known contact skin allergens. No oils were even on the list. There were many artificial fragrances and other common ingredients in other skin care products.

What else makes our moisturizers special? Keep in mind we don’t use Silicones(Dimethicone). Silicones are commonly used in just about all skin care products. (in some instances there are no requirements to even put them on the label) They are also the active ingredient in GasX. What’s the connection? Silicone removes bubbles and foam. When you’re making a million jars of ‘moisturizers’ a day, you haven’t got time to stop the line and clean up a bubbly mess. Just like the TV commercial for GasX silicones magically remove bubbles. But at what price? Buy a can of spray on silicone lubricant and try spraying it on your skin. It’s seals the skin. In a skin care product, it keeps it from absorbing into the skin. GREASY! YUK! This does require a lot more labor on our part. Small batches of a few hundred jars or bottles at a time. Bottles and jars have to be hand packed. You’d expect that in a $100 dollar product, not in a $15.00 one. This is again the miracle of buying direct. No middle man.

No animal ingredients! So what makes that so important? Vegetarians like the idea of all vegetable moisturizers, but even meat eaters need to be concerned about applying animal derived skin care products to the skin. We don’t fully know what are in those ingredients. Often hormones and all sorts of chemicals are added to the feed grain a few weeks before slaughter. When we eat meat, our stomach acids do a pretty good job of destroying these chemicals. But applied to the skin, they might go right into the blood stream. And lets face it, were not talking about the best parts of the cattle and pork and sheep here. We’re talking about the parts they cannot use for anything else. Nothing gets thrown away including brain and spinal tissue. These parts are made into Stearates, Waxes and Glycerin. Unless your lotion says no animal ingredients, you can just about bet on it that there are animal derived ingredients in it. It’s a dirty little secret how skin care products are made today. But their focus is on pretty jars and ingredients that they can leave on a store shelf for years. Quality isn’t real high on their list of concerns.

No Animal Testing: We do use humans to test on, but no animals.

No animal testing on ANY ingredients: Although some products will promise no animal testing, they always add a little kicker. NO ANIMAL TESTING ON FINISHED PRODUCT. What this means is they don’t know and they don’t care if there was some testing on animals of the ingredients they use by someone else. Most moisturizers today are made with long named unpronounceable ingredients. These aren’t really single ingredients, but products in themselves composed of many ingredients. If you visited one of these factories that make these skin care products, you would notice they are located next to a railroad track. Railroad tank cars of these chemicals arrive constantly. All these factories do is mix various chemicals to arrive at a finished product. We use raw ingredients that our suppliers assure us there was no testing done on animals.

Freshness matters: everything we sell is made and shipped fresh. Most products sold in stores were made years ago. I have to confess this is one of the main reasons we haven’t gone big. It’s just not possible to wholesale our product and depend on retailers to rotate and sell our products fresh. This way we ship it directly to you. Everything we ship was made within the last two months.

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5 of 5 Midnight moisturizer June 21, 2023
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