Carley's Tamanu Cream for Scars, Discolorations & much more!

Carley's Tamanu Cream for Scars, Discolorations & much more!

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  1. Comes with 1/2 bar of our natural soap
  2. For Acne, Discolorations & Scars
  3. For Razor Burn, Ingrown Hair
  4. For Athletes Feet
  5. Fades Stretch Marks
  6. Softens Super Dry Feet
  7. Reduces Redness and rashes
  8. 2 ounce jars
  9. Evens out Red or Black Marks
  10. Healing (works on scratches too)
  11. Helps even and clarify your skin tone.
  12. Works even better when also using our daily Acne Scrub
  13. EASY TO USE: Apply a drop on each mark an hour or so before bedtime.

    Not a day goes by we don’t have one of our new customers asking about their acne scars (discolorations). Once their acne is under control they immediately are looking to get to perfect even toned skin…AND quick. So they go in for an acid peel or a heavy duty facial or laser treatment and all of a sudden their acne we had under control comes back with a vengeance. Acids will do this. And so will stress on your skin. Your skin has to be healthy to be clear and even toned. So we knew we needed something specific for acne discolorations that people could use simultaneously with our acne scrub. And we’ve been working on this for almost 10 years.

    We’ve been helping people since 1999 get their skin under control. We get emails, we answer emails. It goes back and forth, many times. Our ears are close to the ground. After answering tens of thousands of emails, we pretty much know what works and what doesn’t. We don’t help everyone. But a lot of people who had given up on clear skin now tell us we are the only ones who help keep them clear.

    The effects of acne take their toll on teens and adults. Discolorations appear when the acne blemishes heal too slowly. Active acne causes your body to focus it’s healing there instead of on the discolorations. These marks are determined by your skin color. They can be dark or red in color. If these marks do not healed properly they sometimes turn into Ice Pick Scars. Which can be permanent. So this is not something to be ignored. Even if your acne is under control, it is important you use our acne treatment (scrub) daily. Daily exfoliation encourages new skin cells, which is the secret to healthy even toned skin. We’ve found additional nutrients will help to get your skin even in tone. That’s where this product comes in.

    First let me explain about oils. There’s a lot of misinformation out there. A lot of people ask, why can’t I just use the pure oil? You can, but you won’t get near the benefits of an oil in a proper cream base. Let me explain. Our bodies are more water than anything else. (Lean muscle tissue contains about 75% water by weight. Blood contains almost 70% water, body fat contains 10% water and bone has 22% water. Skin also contains much water. The human body is about 60% water in adult males and 55% in adult females.). Oil and water by nature don’t mix. When you apply an oil directly to the skin it mostly sits on top of the skin. It gives you the illusion of moisturizing. But mostly it just seals in the skin to prevent moisture from escaping. Mineral oil will do the same thing. In time it evaporates or gets wiped off on clothes or bed sheets and leaves a thin acidic film on the skin (which can counteract our products). True moisturizers are a perfect mixture of oils and water using vegetable wax in a combination done at specific temperatures. True moisturizers ABSORB into the skin where the oils can do their most good. We pH balance all of our moisturizers and creams. Most people with long term acne we believe are dealing with overexposure to acids and chemicals in spot treatments.

    We don’t use fillers or unpronounceable ingredients. Every ingredient is important. Most skin care products out there will tout an important ingredient. But the problem is the ingredient is in such small quantities that it does nothing. Not true with our products.


    Reverse Osmosis Purified Water: When looking at other skin care products I always want to know how the water they use is purified(if at all). Is it filtered? How small a filter? Ozonated? Often the devil is in the details. We use only Reverse Osmosis purified water. Reverse Osmosis purified water is the gold standard for being clean and pure. So if we are talking microscopic differences why is it important? Reverse Osmosis water, we’ve found, works better than any other water to maximize the potential of the precious ingredients we use. It’s expensive, but we believe anything else is purely just cutting corners.

    Tamanu oil: (Calophyllum inophyllum also known as Foraha) comes from a tree native to a small Island in the South Pacific. Very, very expensive. This opalescent cold pressed green, slightly waxy oil is rich and thick, with a delicate nutty or spicy smell. It stimulates cell regeneration. Not everyone likes the smell. So some companies use a highly filtered, processed oil. But processing involves heat and usually destroys the good healing benefits of this oil. We use unprocessed oil. I would describe this cream as an earthy smell. Not entirely unpleasant but what it does makes up for the momentary scent. Tamanu is a powerful healing agent and will help your acne too.

    Moroccan Argan Oil: (Argania spinosa kernal oil) is from a fruit from the Argania Spinosa tree that grows only in Morocco. Moroccan Argan Oil is one of the most expensive oils in the world. It can be compared to the price of Truffles or expensive Caviar. It takes 6 to 7 of these trees to produce enough fruit to make just a single liter of this wonderful oil. As rare as these trees are they only produce once every 2 years. Many Moroccan women harvest and press these seeds to produce the oil. For many of them this is their only source of income. So us using this ingredient helps these poor people. We chose this oil in this product because of the incredible healing benefits. It has some truly magical effects on scarring without causing your acne to return.

    Aren’t there a lot of other Moroccan oil products on the market?

    Yes! Many products today claim to use this oil. But if you read their labels you will discover that they only use a tiny amount. They mostly use other filler (inexpensive) oils.

    Jojoba Oil: (Simmondsia chinensis) is very similar to the oils in our skin. Technically it is not an oil but a wax ester. If you apply it to your skin it still won’t absorb, but in a cream/moisturizer it absorbs extremely fast into the skin. We use this oil to carry the first two oils and the burdock root extract into the skin.

    Notice there are no inexpensive oils here. No sweet almond oil or grape seed oil or any filler oils.

    Emulsifying wax: This is a vegetable wax that is used to combine the oils and water.

    Broccoli Sprout Extract. Broccoli Sprouts are probably one of, if not the most healthy foods to consume. But there has been some interesting lab research showing Broccoli Sprout Extracts when applied to the skin help the skin avoid cancer from excess UV exposure. This isn’t a sunscreen, but seems to help the skin recover from too much sun exposure. So what’s in it? Sulforaphane Vitamins A, B, C, E and K Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Zinc Carotene, Chlorophyll, Amino Acids, Trace Elements, Antioxidants, Protein. All good stuff for the skin that your skin might be missing. We also use this in our Regeneration Anti-aging Cream.

    Stearic acid: is not an acid, but another vegetable wax. Adds creaminess.

    Germall Plus (a vegetable derived preservative to keep our product fresh) only needs 2/ 10’s of one percent to keep our product safe.

    Burdock Root: In a special secret process, is brewed into the R/O water before we begin. Burdock root is renown for its natural anti-acne properties. We’re new to it. I was skeptical. Still am. But it can’t hurt and evidently a lot of research does show it helps acne. We made test batches both with and without and our test subjects told us the one with the burdock was the one they liked better.

    Rose Otto. This is one of the most powerful scents on the market and expensive. A tiny bit goes a long way. Rose Otto costs almost a dollar a drop. (About 30 roses are required to make 1 drop of oil and 60,000 petals to make 1 oz. of oil) It does some what cover the Tamanu earthy smell. But not completely. If we attempted to completely cover the scent with lavender essential oil we would have to put so much in, it would burn your eyes when you opened the container. Personally I have grown to like the smell. I love what it does for my skin’s clarity.

    • pH neutral
    • No animal ingredients or testing EVER!

    We are the manufacturer and there are no middle men. In fact, we get asked daily to wholesale our products. We don’t because we want everything made to be shipped fresh to you. Middle men mean price mark ups (the price doubles every time it changes hands) and time delays. Most skin care products you buy to use today, were made in large factories years ago and have been in storage. Everything we ship was made in small batches just a few weeks ago. Fresh matters! Quality ingredients matter!

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    2 of 5 Brown spots on skin. July 30, 2023
    Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Kelowna, BC Canada  
    Not much change yet as only been using for a few days.

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    3 of 5 Not sure yet June 24, 2023
    Reviewer: Sue B from Wrightwood, CA United States  
    I just received this and am using it on my sons back. He has bad scaring from acne. I cannot give an opinion yet but am hopeful.

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    5 of 5 Amazing so far! May 3, 2023
    Reviewer: DaTwan Bolden from Philadelphia , PA United States  
    I have had the item for about two weeks now. And I have already begun to see some of my scars fade. I absolutely love all her products!

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    5 of 5 Tamanu Cream April 3, 2023
    Reviewer: Diane Besemer from San Diego , CA United States  
    I tried this on a very old scar with nerve damage.   The results are amazing.  I believe in miracles.  Thank you!

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    5 of 5 Impressed! January 5, 2023
    Reviewer: Michelle S from Evansville, IN  
    When I found out, I was pregnant, I emailed to see what products were suggested for preventing or minimizing stretch marks. I received an email within the day and was guided to use a dry cloth with exfoliant followed by this cream. I used this cream daily throughout my pregnancy, and had no stretch marks, while my waistline increased by 16 1/2 inches.  I am now using this cream on scar from having a cesarean and find it is working well for this too.

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