for Acne Scars- Serum (Bakuchiol) & Tamanu Combo

for Acne Scars- Serum (Bakuchiol) & Tamanu Combo

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Bakuchiol Serum Paired with our Tamanu Cream

For Acne Scarred Skin

We Noticed the smoothing and clarifying effects of the Serum and decided to pair them with our Tamanu cream. Tamanu has been our go to for acne scarring for 20 years. Paired together they multiply the results.

See each listing for ingredients.

Our directions are thus: Twice a day if the scarring is severe.

In the shower not over a sink, use one of our acne scrubs. Even if your acne is at bay. Exfoliation encourages the skin to produce new skin cells faster. This not only helps reduce the scarring, but also encourages the health of your skin. Over time, work up to vigorous exfoliation. Rinse.

Next use a clean soapy terry cloth cotton wash cloth to thoroughly remove. Rinse.

After your shower, dry your skin.

Take two large drops of our Serum in the palm of one hand and rub your hands together and apply to your face & neck.

Wait for it to set, about 3 minutes. It will feel a bit tacky.

Next apply a thin layer of our Tamanu Cream.

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